BULK-UP Cycle Guide, Instructions and Warnings


BULK-UP Cycle Guide, Instructions and Warnings

Read this completely and visit our cycle guide, instructions and warnings before starting a BULK-UP Cycle.

Questions, Answers and Facts

Does it matter how old I am when I use a BULK-UP CYCLE?

All cycles are recommended for ages 21 and over. Late age cyclers are recommended to consult with their physicians prior to any cycles especially when taking medications. Please consult with your doctor if you are taking any prescription or over the counter medications.

Possible side effects.

ANDRO FACTORY products are the absolute safest prohormone and natural testosterone enhancements available today. ANDRO FACTORY is the only prohormone supplementation with built in protection. The Stack! by ANDRO FACTORY consist of a 3 step stack including: prohormones, 20 hour dispersal and CP+R (cycle protection and recovery). Temporary side effects to those dis-positioned to hair loss, prostate health, fertility and low HDL (good) cholesterol should always be taken under consideration. Consult your physician if you are concerned about these possible side effects. Any concerns should only be considered during a cycle. Side effects should not be of concern after your cycle is completed.

How Do I dose BULK-UP?

It is recommended to take your daily dose in the morning with or without food upon rising. ANDRO FACTORY’s Once-A-Day technology mimics your body’s natural rhythm of natural testosterone production. Allowing your hormone levels to drop to a “resting state” in the late evening between daily doses. This will allow the preservation of normal testosterone production to take place from the testes and brain, assisting in minimizing the possibility of testicular shutdown, shrinkage or shut down of natural testosterone production.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

ANDRO FACTORY’s built in CP+R (cycle protection and recovery) and Once-A-Day technology assist in: testi protection, liver health, sport endurance, anti-aging, hormone and endocrine health, superior antioxidant and immune support, muscle recovery, and hair regrowth for all men during a cycle. ANDRO FACTORY strongly recommends a post cycle therapy after each ANDRO FACTORY cycle. Despite BULK-UP’s minimal suppression if dosed accordingly by our recommendations; it is very important to restore natural testosterone levels to pre cycle levels as quickly as possible after each cycle. Restoring your natural testosterone levels will help preserve your gains. Shorter cycles will always have a quicker recovery. Please see our website for recommended PCT after your cycle.

Cycle Stacking Guidelines

Using multiple cycles (stacking products) will increase suppression during cycles and increase the need for PCT and an 8 week of cycle. ANDRO FACTORY highly recommends a PCT if you are stacking any cycles including: androgens, testosterone, prohormones, hormones or steroids. Exceeding the recommended daily dose, stacking or cycling longer than 4 weeks should always include a PCT. All 8 week cycles on should be followed by an 8 week off cycle. Please see our Cycle Stacking Guidelines for stacking recommendations.

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